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Carriage homes built to perfection

What is a Carriage House?

A carriage house is a smaller home located on your property that can be used for guests, family or as a rental unit. Characteristically smaller in size compared to the main residence, these houses embody an efficient use of living space without compromising on functionality.

Why build Carriage House?

Carriage homes are a great investment for your property, typically taking just 10 years to pay themselves off when used as rental units. In some areas, they can also be used as Air Bnbs and short-term rentals. And of course, carriage homes can be a great solution to help support aging family or visiting friends. They are a great way to increase property value and build a proper income property.

We are the preferred carriage home builders in Kelowna

Our specialization lies in constructing carriage houses, and this extends to our comprehensive understanding of the necessary prerequisites for permits and zoning regulations. We understand the complexities involved, so we can ensure that your project adheres to all the essential legalities. Our dedication to building your perfect home guarantees that your carriage house is not only impeccably built but also fully compliant.

Our carriage home portfolio

Explore our diverse portfolio of carriage homes. Each home has been thoughtfully constructed to not only meet our clients' satisfaction but also to adhere to the city's specific carriage home requirements.

Thinking about investing in a carriage home? Contact us today to start our full-service design-build process today. We make it easy to take your ideas and turn them into a top quality final product.

625 square feet

This carriage home features:

  • 2 car garage

  • 1 bedroom

  • 1 bathroom

  • 1 parking stall beside structure

This Carriage Home would fit a lot 47'8" wide or 14.5m.

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